Wireless System Investment Model Displays Immediate and Long-Term Costs of Enterprise Wireless Networks


(Herndon, VA) – Reducing business expenses can be as simple as selecting the right technology for a company’s wireless communications. But it’s difficult for many decision makers to know which type of network is going to be the most cost effective for their company in the long term.

Are smart phones and cellular networks the way to go? What about building and owning a private two-way radio network? Or should the company subscribe to a private two-way communications service? Some service providers create attractive offers that include free devices—just to get a contract signed. But do these freebies translate into savings for the company? The Enterprise Wireless Alliance has released an interactive tool that can help service providers and decision makers cut through the hype. The Wireless System Investment Model calculates and compares annual and cumulative expenses for a commercial cellular, versus private carrier, versus private internal network over a ten-year period.

The purpose of the tool is to help EWA’s members and their clients determine which system is the most cost effective, based on specific project requirements, and to ensure that prospective buyers understand all of the cost components that figure into a comparison of two-way radio and cellular systems. The tool is:

  • Simple and interactive. Start by providing just nine data points to create customized spreadsheet and expense comparisons.
  • Detailed when you need it. With over 75 different expense fields available for comparison, you can enter as much or as little data as you need.
  • Aligned with accounting practices. Data input fields are grouped by capital expenses versus operating expenses for easy input and comparison. 
  • Dynamic. At the click of a button, you can compare the dollar-to-dollar annual and cumulative expenses over a ten-year period, based on the requirements entered. The tool generates charts that visually depict costs over time. 

The Wireless System Investment Model is available only to members of the Enterprise Wireless Alliance. To learn about pricing and how to access the model or to become a member, contact [email protected]

About EWA

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