EWA Files Request to Lift T-Band Freeze

In an ex parte filed December 28, the Enterprise Wireless Alliance requested that the Federal Communications Commission lift the freeze imposed upon T-Band licenses, given the passage of legislation that repeals the mandate to auction this spectrum. In addition, EWA recommended a phased approach to reopening the band that would allow incumbent Business/Industrial Land Transportation licensees to modify licenses before opening the band to new applicants.

EWA Files Reply Comments on T-Band NPRM

EWA has filed Reply Comments with the Federal Communications Commission in response to the T-Band mandate Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. The comments note there is no evidence supporting the possibility of a successful auction under the established terms, and an auction is not expected to generate revenues sufficient to fund public safety relocation costs. Further, there is no assurance that successful bidders will be able to assume the costs of clearing the spectrum for productive use by buying or relocating I/B licensees.

EWA Files Letter Urging FCC to Condition T-Band License Renewals

In a letter filed July 17, 2019, the Enterprise Wireless Alliance acknowledged that the licensing staffs of the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau and the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau have been directed not to process applications for renewal of Part 90 licenses operating on spectrum in the 470-512 MHz band (T-Band) and instead, to hold the applications in a pending status.

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