Crosby's Blog

The unvarnished words of EWA President and CEO Mark Crosby.  

  • 06/04/2014

    EWA will be filing Reply Comments on June 11 in the EB/GB 800 MHz proceeding in which the LMCC has asked the FCC to provide a six-month period for incumbents in a market to request those channels prior to accepting applications from new entrants.  Virtually all of the Comments in opposition were filed by individuals and organizations that selected their positions from a Chinese-restaurant like menu of five potential arguments prepared by someone who appears highly motivated to stop this LMCC initiative.

  • 02/27/2014

    American Time & Signal’s (ATS) licenses will eventually get squared away with EWA’s unsolicited assistance. Earlier this year, the FCC ruled that ATS would be permitted to license its product - data based clock mechanisms - at customer premises with an MO6 station class (!) on ATS’s authorization to ease their administrative licensing burden.

  • 02/06/2014

    Vehicular repeater systems are an important technology for many public safety and business enterprises. However, finding hassle free channels for these systems has been and remains another story. The FCC has asked stakeholders to consider permitting the use of VRS systems on six 173 MHz channels that are currently available only for data telemetry systems.

  • 01/11/2014

    It may be a bit optimistic on NPSTC’s part to label its 4.9 GHz reorganization effort as the “National Plan Recommendations Final Report”. It’s not final by any means as yet.

  • 12/12/2013

    I do not pretend to be a sage with any unique knowledge of future outcomes on wireless regulatory or spectrum allocation matters, but after more than 35 years in the business, I am entitled to have a few opinions.  I know, I know, everybody has opinions, but I do routinely receive a lot of questions from EWA members, customers and industry colleagues regarding a plethora of wireless issues.

  • 11/11/2013

    EWA has for the third time (letter to the FCC)responded to the continued efforts of Weld County, Colorado, who is being egged on by APCO, to secure FCC approval to use 800 MHz Industrial/Business (I/B) channels in lieu of using available Sprint-vacated channels that are actual

  • 10/15/2013

    The last time I broached the subject of the pain and suffering that one must endure to secure approval from Industry Canada (IC) as a precondition to receive a 150-470 MHz license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)—whether Industrial/Business (I/B) or Public Safety (PS)—the few friends I had in Canada at the time called me saying that I was out of line.

  • 07/08/2013

    This past May, EWA suggested that the FCC clarify what registration information is required for embedded signal boosters and to provide an online database of already certified devices that meet the Consumer Signal Booster Network Protection Standard. Later, both Verizon Wireless (Verizon) and CTIA - The Wireless Association® (CTIA) filed comments opposing the EWA Petition.

  • 06/03/2013

    EWA’s Board of Directors convened its 2013 Spring Board of Directors meeting this past week in La Quinta, California.

  • 05/16/2013

    We are sure that the industry’s message to the FCC was near unanimous, namely, that T-Band is an incredible spectrum resource that is used extensively by both public safety and non-public safety entities, and that the legislation instructing the FCC to take away public safety’s T-Band use is an incredibly flawed telecom policy.