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Recent News


Last week, the Department of Justice (DOJ) approved the merger of Sprint Corporation and T-Mobile US Inc., after agreeing to sell a host of 800 MHz assets to DISH. However, thirteen states and the District of Columbia filed an antitrust lawsuit before DOJ gave its approval. The group seem to be moving forward with the lawsuit, which may be more complicated following DOJ approval.



Man Fined for Intentional Misuse of Public Safety Network
The FCC has fined Mr. Ocean Hinson of Surry County, North Carolina, $39,278 for the intentional misuse of a local public safety radio communications network. Mr. Hinson impersonated first responders in unauthorized radio communications on Surry County’s licensed public safety frequency.


In a meeting scheduled for August 22 with the FCC, EWA will discuss several important member issues including the status of T-Band license renewals, to what extent T-Band license modifications will be processed in the future if at all, and the need to increase communications between the FCC and its certified frequency advisory committees so that licensees may be alerted to changing licensing policies.


Following up on a letter filed with the FCC, the seven B/ILT certified frequency advisory committees (FACs) met with WTB staff seeking confirmation of certain rules and policies governing access to exclusive use channels in the VHF and UHF bands.  Meeting results were mixed, with the FCC permiting the use of Longley-Rice propagation contours to determine system overlaps and, confirming that MO channel designations paired with an FB8 channel designation are to be protected as if they were an MO8.


On July 31, frequency coordinators, including EWA, submitted applications for central station alarm (CSA) channels to The Monitoring Association (TMA) for concurrence. TMA will complete concurrence reviews by August 20. Prior to the July 31 submission date, an entity claiming CSA eligibility, filed a number of applications for CSA channels which TMA was required to process. However, TMA’s processing of the applications included an exhibit in which it questioned the applicant’s eligibility as a central station organization, the resolution of which rests entirely with the FCC.


The Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA), a private wireless spectrum solutions and advocacy leader for the business enterprise private wireless industry, is pleased to announce that Jennifer Garry has become EWA’s Membership Director. In this role, she will oversee EWA’s membership sales and service strategies. Read more...