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As the leading national association for business enterprise wireless users and the manufacturers, resellers and communication sales and service providers that serve the land mobile radio industry, the Enterprise Wireless Alliance is dedicated to delivering to its members news, information and events that can support their businesses. 

  • Through the Wireless Leadership Summit, EWA creates opportunities for members to work together to define the future of the industry. 
  • In publications like the Enterprise Wireless Insider and Wireless Works, EWA provides information and insights that can help keep members' businesses on track.

In addition, EWA offers opportunities to the media to tell stories about the use of wireless communications in businesses across the United States. Please see EWA's Press Kit to learn more.

To learn more about the Enterprise Wireless Alliance, please see the 2016 Annual Report.


Recent News


The Great Lakes MSS Association (GLMSS) will hold their spring meeting at the Don Cesar Beach Resort in St. Petersburg, Florida, from February 4-5, 2010. EWA will be exhibiting and Mark Crosby will present a regulatory and spectrum initiatives update on Thursday morning.

Reservations at the host hotel are available until January 9,2010. For additional information about the meeting, please visit


On January 6th, the FCC issued a Public Notice seeking comment on several industry Petitions for Rulemaking that seek clarification of the rules regarding proper installation of signal boosters and other wireless amplification devices that are used on frequencies licensed under Parts 22, 24, 27 and 90.  MORE


The FCC has postponed until July 26th, licensing of nationwide first-come, first-served, digital only licensing applications for low power television (LPTV) and TV translator stations.


Following years of lobbying by the wireless industry, the FCC adopted a Declaratory Ruling late last year establishing a “shot clock” for State and local government approval of requests for wireless tower approvals.  The FCC determined that 90 days for review of collocation applications and 150 days for review of siting applications other than collocations were “presumptively reasonable” amounts of time within which governmental entities should act on those requests.