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The unvarnished words of EWA President and CEO Mark Crosby.  

  • 11/22/2010

    I know that it has been reported the folks at FM Approvals are now willing to delay implementation of the effective date of the new intrinsically safe (IS) standard, but why do I sense that all they have really provided is the proverbial sleeves off their vest? Ok, so existing equipment may be sold for years. Big deal.

  • 11/10/2010

    Every now and then, it seems that a strange item just dives out of the sun and catches you off guard. Well, at least changes to what will qualify in the very near future as an intrinsically safe portable radio recently caught me off guard.

  • 10/15/2010

    I like it when the FCC demands that licensees stand up and be accountable for systems using critical spectrum that appear not to have been constructed. In a recent case, an organization with a home base in New York City received a license grant in 2009 as a private carrier for ten VHF frequency pairs at four sites in the State of Oregon.