On January 17, 2023, EWA filed comments in support of T-Band waiver requests submitted by several towns in Massachusetts.

EWA filed comments January 17, 2023, supporting T-Band waiver requests submitted by City of New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Always looking for an excuse to bamboozle unsuspecting FCC licensees, the folks located down the street from the FCC in Gettysbu

On January 10, 2023, the Enterprise Wireless Alliance filed ex parte comments in response to comments filed by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

The 4.9 GHz band is a critical resource for the public safety community, and it should be as well for others who contribute significantly to the pu

EWA has filed Reply Comments in the proceeding on Partitioning, Disaggregation, and Leasing of Spectrum that endorse both the demand-based (zones)

The Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA) filed a Petition for Rulemaking (PRM) today requesting the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to initia

In Comments filed October 19, EWA argued in support of rule changes that would make spectrum more accessible to private enterprise licensees seekin

On September 27, EWA filed a joint ex parte with APPA, EEI, NRECA, and UTC urging the FCC to use the University of Michigan’s recently deployed 16,

EWA has filed an ex parte letter urging the FCC to allow the use of Federal funding for Wi-Fi on school buses through the E-Rate Program.