If AT&T didn’t see it coming, I don’t believe that the FCC saw it coming either.

I like it when the FCC demands that licensees stand up and be accountable for systems using critical spectrum that appear not to have been construc

Apparently, introducing a digital technology that has had the pleasure of operating in spectrum where there are only 25 kHz exclusive channel assig

I know that it has been reported the folks at FM Approvals are now willing to delay implementation of the effective date of the new intrinsically s

We have recently observed that less than 10% of the Industrial/Business applications filed at the FCC since the beginning of the year for new wirel

Let’s hope that pilots have visual contact with the ground around a 175 nautical mile radius from Las Vegas from May 16 – 27.

We are sure that the industry’s message to the FCC was near unanimous, namely, that T-Band is an incredible spectrum resource that is used extensiv

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I received a bit of static from LightSquared as a result of my last post about possible air navigation issues

I suspect that many folks this time of year have wish lists.  I do.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the FCC lifted the 900 MHz new Industrial/Business syst

Donny Jackson with Urgent Communications called me earlier this week, which prompted a conversation about the FCC’s recent designation of