EWA has for the third time (let

The last time I broached the subject of the pain and suffering that one must endure to secure approval from Industry Canada (IC) as a precondition

Sometimes the magic works, sometimes the magic fails miserably.

EWA will be filing Reply Comments on June 11 in the EB/GB 800 MHz proceeding in which the LMCC has asked the FCC to provide a six-month period for

Unfortunately, it appears that the public safety coordinators aren’t particularly interested in responding with any degree of clarity to the B/ILT

It may be a bit optimistic on NPSTC’s part to label its 4.9 GHz reorganization effort as the “National Plan Recommendations Final Report”.

Many suspecting licensees, along with their wireless service providers, are contacting EWA asking “are these guys for real” after receiving mislead

The Public Safety Communications Council (PSCC) recently provided a rather vague response to Business/Industrial frequency advisory committee inqui

Attending IWCE is always productive for the Enterprise Wireless Alliance as it provides us with a great opportunity to mingle with members and indu

It is always wise only ask those questions where you have a good idea what the answer will be.