We have been watching with much interest for several years now the ongoing effort to minimize avian (bird) mortalities that result from those unfor

It’s a simple ask …

American Time & Signal (ATS) has chosen to confront EWA’s request for clarification regarding the FCC’s decision to permit ATS to license what

Let’s hope that pilots have visual contact with the ground around a 175 nautical mile radius from Las Vegas from May 16 – 27.

If AT&T didn’t see it coming, I don’t believe that the FCC saw it coming either.

We are sure that the industry’s message to the FCC was near unanimous, namely, that T-Band is an incredible spectrum resource that is used extensiv

I suspect that many folks this time of year have wish lists.  I do.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the FCC lifted the 900 MHz new Industrial/Business syst

Apparently, introducing a digital technology that has had the pleasure of operating in spectrum where there are only 25 kHz exclusive channel assig

The FCC released a News Release earlier today announcing the 45-day public testing of the “First Television White Spaces Database.” This is importa

EWA was being a bit too reserved when it stated in November 2011 FCC comments that “the frequency selection process has historically proven to be a